"As an engineer, I have always pursued my projects with the perspective of doing things the most correct way possible, and making sure I had the right people in place to be sure of the best possible outcome.  I found Philip’s approach to building being of a similar mindset, so when we discussed how things needed to be built, it was always with the same goal in mind.  I subsequently hired Philip for two follow-on construction projects, one of which was a commercial building.  I also found that his subcontractors were very mindful that Philip expected them to do their finest work, period.  "

Bruce Morrell

" I have had the privilege of working with Phillip both personally and professionally through my position in banking.  Professionally, I financed many houses that he was the contractor on and never experienced any problem whatsoever with the quality of the construction or the performance of the project.  As a result of this experience, my wife and I chose him as the contractor for our personal residence.  We built the house 10 years ago and have had no problems or issues with it at all.  I highly recommend him for any job you may need from a simple remodel to building your dream home."

Bob McKnight

"I am in the Mortgage industry, and have been for 33 years.  I have been through and heard of so many horror stories with homes, I could write a book. I went to the job site every day throughout construction.  The site was kept clean, the subs were great, and most days Phillip was there working along side them checking every detail. He truly became a friend and trusted adviser for those months that we built our home, and further solidified that we made the right choice.
I have to say, I would recommend Phillip without any reservation.  I'd build with him again, if the opportunity ever arises. "

Pam Fenter