Paramount Projects

Services We Can Provide You

The home is of paramount importance to the family who resides within.  Every family or home-owner has a vision as to what they see for their project.  We can help you starting at the very beginning of your process from meeting the architect, creating an itemized budget, and shopping for fixtures, appliances, etc. to ensure a cost-effective design approach for the vision of your home.

Interior/Exterior Remodeling & Home Additions


Whether you want to give your kitchen/bathroom a facelift or add-on to your existing home, Paramount Builders has experience in both areas.  If you have an older home and are looking to keep the charm while giving it an updated feel, we can also assist in the renovation of your existing home.

Custom Home Building


We specialize in building on your property, whether it be a planned development lot or rural acreage.  With rural acreage job sites, Paramount Builders has experience and expertise in planning for road construction, utilities, lakes & ponds, heavy excavation, barns, and fencing.